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 Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)

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PostSubject: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Mon Jul 16, 2012 9:29 pm

Hello! Thank you for your interest in beta testing Yousei. The beta demo is currently available here:

Edit: Updated using the beta of Ren'py 6.14.

Universal 0.1b -

Do not redistribute these files. If you want to share these files, link people to this page or so they can get the latest version.

In your responses, please include details like the operating system you're on and your video card (if you know it). Let me know if you've played any of the previous games (it's not a requirement). If your game crashes, please be sure to include the traceback.txt file when you report it. Also be sure to include which version of the demo you're playing.

I am looking for typos and bugs, and also for your thoughts on the story. What do you think of the characters? Can you describe their personalities? Are there any you suspect already? Is there anything you're anxious to find out based on previous games?

About the demo:
-Blinking animations are only in place for Kangai, Aki, and Li Mei
-There are no voices or sound effects yet

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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:42 pm

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Video card: GeForce GTX 285
Demo version: Windows 0.1
I played Jisei and Kansei before.

I played the beta two times so far. I might add some more thoughts later.

Here are some thoughts:
  • The music is very atmospheric.
  • The opening video runs fine for me.
  • Nice that Marissa makes an "appearance" (I love recurring characters for some reason Very Happy)
  • Why does Li Mei sleep in the closet? I have a feeling she might be a vampire or a robot. More probably a vampire; would make sense with the skull on her clothing Wink
  • It's nice that the choices are darker when you clicked on them once before.
  • Maybe the "other Kangai" is some kind of clone? Would make sense considering Biodev etc.
  • "War Stars" made me laugh so hard! Very Happy
  • The first thing I thought when I saw Jupiter: Don't trust girls with red nails! Very Happy
  • No crashes or serious bugs so far.

Hmm but I think it's really too early to say who could be a murderer.
The new characters are interesting. Aaron seems to be a nice guy and I guess his addiction to photography will become important in the course of the game. I'm also very curious how Chance's and Jupiter's relationship will turn out. David and Nathan are funny guys, at the moment I don't think one of them could be a murderer. I really liked Chance in the first game and I also saw the epilogue, in the epilogue of Kansei she didn't seem to have a problem with murder but I think it would be to obvious if she's the murderer... right? Very Happy

Here are some typos I found:

Shen seems to have disappeared completely, but it looks like he and William
went to grad school together at the University of Edgewater.
(Should be grade, right?)

I think I'll go without
There's a period missing at the end.

And YOU had to right to break in here and steal our research!
This should be "no"

All in all the game is really good and I can't wait for the full version. I'm also curious about the voices.
It seems to me that the game is a bit darker than the ones before. I love the mix between funny moments and the darker ones.
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Tue Jul 17, 2012 6:00 pm

OS: Mac OS X
Video Card: I think its an Intel GMA X3100
Demo Version: Mac 0.1
I've played both Jisei and Kansei

There don't seem to be any bugs so far. The opening video, exploration, and investigation all seem to work just fine. I didn't notice much in the ways of typos, but I did notice that it says "Aki mirrors Shawn's posture" before Shawn introduced himself.
The music is nice, although there's a where I can tell when its looping back to the beginning.

I'm definitely interested in the story, particularly the video with the Kan lookalike. When I first learned that Mr. Auten had security footage of Kangai, I found it interesting but I didn't find it that surprising. Then the video reappeared making it look like Kan stole research from the school and I realized that there was a lot more significance to that video than I initially realized and now I want to know more about why Mr. Auten has it and why the movie even exists. It was supposedly taken a week ago, but Kan wasn't at the school a week ago and the ends of his hair are black unlike the video. So was there a Kan lookalike at the school a week ago, or is the video footage actually a lot older and been manipulated to appear as if it was filmed a week ago? If it's a lookalike, then who is he and why does he look like Kan so much? If it's actually footage from more than a week ago, then what was Kan doing at the school at the time it was actually taken? Kan is riding the bus back to Edgewater the same time that someone steals research and then the security footage ends up in Mr. Auten's top secret files. Then Mr. Auten's former research boss comes back into town and gets killed. I want to see how this all connects to each other.
I don't have any suspects yet for the murder of Johansen, although I think it wasn't Chance. I already know there's something sinister about her and don't really suspect anyone else yet, so it would seem anti-climatic for her to be the killer. I would like to know who Chance works for though. I also don't think it was Aaron because Johansen must have died some time after we arrived in order to the bell chimes to be different the second time, and I don't think Aaron was alone for a long enough in that time period to be the killer.
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Tue Jul 17, 2012 9:04 pm

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Video card: Intel® HD Graphics 3000
Demo version: Windows 0.1
I have played Jisei and Kansei before.

I think I should start by noting that the opening music plays just fine, but the video doesn't. All I see is a black screen, unfortunately. I really wanted to see the opening, even if just a really short part of it. There weren't any crashes, but there seems to be a bug. When I used Quick Save, all the other previously saved game files disappeared. I had saved 3 times before that, if I'm not mistaken. Couldn't find any of them on the load menu after quick saving.

As for the music, it is nice, like on previous games. I'm really eager to hear the full version of the opening song, specially. Seems catchy. The background music is very atmospheric. All of them fit the situations just fine, except for one. I really expected a much, much darker song for the murder scene - specially such a brutal one as this. Also, there's a moment in which I can tell the music is looping back to the beginning. But that's not much of a problem IMO, and I probably just noticed that because I was making an effort to, since I'm giving feedback. Never really been the type to pay attention to game music, unless they gave off a really deep impression. ^^"

Well, you didn't ask for that, but I really want to comment on the art. Deji's art seems to have gotten even better, if that is still possible. The way the characters are drawn on this game is a real improvement from Jisei and Kansei - fits a muder mystery game much better. Also, there seem to be more CGs, which is amazing! I don't remember we having that many on just the beggining in past games.

Now for the part I'm most eager to talk about: the story and characters. Will put it in spoiler because it got reaaaally longer than expected. XD


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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Tue Jul 17, 2012 9:44 pm

Thank you guys, SO much! Just want you to know that I'm reading all of the stuff you're writing, even if I'm not replying right away.

I'll look into the video issue you've got, Evarise. Getting a codec that works with everything is always hard. D:
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:16 am

I'll play a bit before I go get dinner. Here's what I have so far:

-> No background music for the title screen.

-> No background music for the title screen. Is this intentional?
-> The prologue scene CG breaks my heart. It is so beautiful, and the colouring is so brilliantly soft. Applauds to Deji!
-> I suddenly got this weird theory: IS KANGAI'S SISTER LI MEI?!
-> Video snippet and audio work fine. Badass look there, Mikolaj.
-> For some reason I really like Kangai's expression when he says "No, this is how I always answer the phone."
-> "twenty (check facts)"? How do you pronounce that? XD
-> I'm really liking the even greater variety of expressions this time around. I'm really liking Kangai's expressions. They are very... expressive. Good job, Deji!
-> "Yay. Now back to sleep." Is it just me, or has Kangai gotten even more badass recently?
-> Quick Load doesn't really have any transitions. Maybe implementing one will make it seem smoother. Very minor, though.
-> "Moving fast is not my idea of a good time. I can still hear the couch calling my name." What IS your name, Kangai? XD
-> Hehehe Li Mei has her name written in Chinese characters hung on the wall. It's kind of cute.
-> And she lives in the closet.
-> I really like Aki's kansei.
-> More sarcastic Kangai ftw.
-> Megane overdose!

Will be back soon to continue playing.
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:46 am

Here's the rest:

-> Kangai has Memento Mori written on his shirt. I just realized.
-> Kangai's forced smile when he greets Shawn is hilarious!
-> So Kangai's name really is Alexander, after all?
-> Naoki's scared of radioactive walls, heh heh heh.
-> I wonder if there's a reason why Li Mei doesn't have or doesn't reveal her surname. Perhaps she's related to Shen Guan?
-> I wonder why Li Mei doesn't need an alias... Maybe it's an alias already?
-> HAHAHAHA HARU AND AKI. Spring and autumn. I see what you did there.
-> I still wonder why no civilian seems to notice Limei's strange dressing...
-> Separating from the rest of the group means you're the first to die - Rule 1 of horror movies. Kangai sure is Genre Savvy.
-> War Stars pfft.
-> Quick Save text isn't very visible.
-> I really like Kangai's snark, but I think it's the third time I've said it. "That is a hard question. Why is everyone here?"
-> Poor David and Nathan. Jupiter really has full call here, huh.
-> Oh Chance. It's great to see you again. And no, I'm not being sarcastic.
-> Samurai. Haha.
-> I like the music that starts playing when Limei says "It's death."
-> Oh goodness - the death this time really is gruesome, isn't it?
-> Although I do wish the dead guy this time was at least someone whom we've met before, though. Three games with faceless corpses without a real identity doesn't really give us a feeling of dread or tragedy.
-> Omg the guy was not dead yet when Aki, Naoki and Aaron appeared.
-> End. Wow, that was adrenaline-pumping.
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:35 am

I just found another typo I think:
Kangai, right? My name is Shawn Tasse, and I'm your student liason!
(Should be liaison, right?)
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:54 pm

OS: Mac OS X
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT
Demo Version: Mac 0.1
I've played Jisei and Kansei

--No music yet for the title screen?
--Is there some sort of wind sound effect under the music for the prologue scene? It makes the music sound a bit distorted to me.
--Opening video clip works fine, looks and sounds great. Smile
--"twenty (check facts)" Is this a note that got into the text somehow?
--"add my meager collection clothes" I think you were going for "add my meager collection of clothes"
--Forgot the period on "I think I'll go without"
--"lit sword"? Did you mean "light sword"?

There was one instance where the game froze and skipped ahead a few lines, but otherwise I've encountered no bugs. I'll play through some of the other choices that I didn't make later, and add more if I find something. I'm really excited for this game! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:35 pm

OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8
Video card: AMD Radeon HD 6770M
Demo version: Mac 0.1
I played Jisei and Kansei before.

- Opening video played fine for me, but the sprite jumped a few pixels for me.
- The loop music for the rest of the game doesn't roll smoothly.
- Isn't it supposed to be 'make do' instead of 'make due'?
- GLASSES. just saying.
- Also, is it just me or Naoki got hotter? No? Just me? Okay.
- There's a typo when Gurski and Aki leaves the lab, and David and Nathan "quick take posts" by Jupiter.
- Naoki!!!
- and whoa.

- Exploration part works fine for me too. Though it isn't evident yet that you click on the buildings from the overview map yet.

- story is intriguing. And I'm really interested as to which Kangai it is in the video: is it a twin? a clone? or it's actually a past video?
- i have no suspects yet
- describing the other characters...
Shawn is the overzealous tour guide
David is the jock
Nathan is the proud nerd?

I don't have a handle of how Aaron and Jupiter are as of yet, but they are interesting for me.
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Wed Jul 18, 2012 10:35 pm

OS: Windows Vista, Basic (32-bit.)
Video Card: Inspiron 1545
Demo Version: Windows 0.1
I have played Jisei and Kansei before.

Typos/Bugs that I found:

>As with the others, I didn't see an opening movie. Heard the music, but there was no video.
>When talking with Marissa in the beginning, her line, "He was in charge of their research project before it shut down. He's been travelling around the world lecturing, but he's scheduled to return to Edgewater today." "travelling" should be "traveling".
>When talking to Aki, "Plenty of things. Tornado chasing, spelunking, and juggling knives, to name a few. But nothing you have to worry about." I think it'd be better without a comma after "knives".
>The line, "Naoki was nice enough to add my meager collection clothes to the group laundry, but he hasn't gotten around to my shirts yet." I think here you mean, "meager collection of clothes"?
>When Aaron shows Kangai and Naoki around, within the narrating line, "Having a kansei that gives perfect memory seems awfully convenient right about now." Perhaps I'm getting my English wrong, but wouldn't it be something like "a perfect memory"?
>After encountering Daniel, Nathan, and Jupiter and getting the three-choice option, the option, "Hang on! I think you've got the wrong guy, here." I think the comma between "guy" and "here" is unnecessary.
>During the exploration session, when you see the map outside the building and click, absolutely nothing happens. You're stuck.
>Regarding the regular load option, it seems that options chosen in one file appears as if it was chosen before in another file. Also happens with options given if you start a new game. Not sure if it's a bug or a helpful tool, but that's something that I noted.
>Also regarding the save/load options, apparently if you quick save, your only options for saving and loading since happens to be in the quicksave files. Any files saved prior to using such is "deleted". Unless there is a way to switch between the two file types that I have not seen yet, this is what I've noticed.
>One thing I the last Cg shown, Aki and Naoki appear without glasses. It would seem reasonable if they were to fall off upon finding Dr. Johansen, but Aki's sprites prior show her with glasses.

There was a few other things I noticed, but they were just about said by other people.

Alright, as for actual feedback. If I might just say, one... special tie between Kansei that appeared in Yousei... AhahahAHAHA, EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE NOW. ...-Ahem-. I digress. Continuing on, the transition between the events of Kansei and Yousei... To be honest, I was wondering how smooth the transition between the two would be after reading the interview article with you on Visual Novels Now, it was smooth. Very, very smooth and handled well in my opinion.

In comparison to the other two visual novels in the series, I also like the music a lot more. I did notice a bit of animation within the backgrounds, such as the main area of the campus and the pond (it is a pond, right?), for example. It suits the atmosphere for Yousei very well, too. Even the last little bit with... Ahem, the Doc. Yeah, it fits. The emotion conveyed is also well-written, too.

And this concludes my feedback on the beta!

Edit: Wound up finding a few more things when going through the beta once more in a more...awake state. Not much more, but it's a few things.

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Princess Akina


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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Thu Jul 19, 2012 3:11 am

OS: Windows XP
Video Card: Don't know.
Version: Windows 1.0
I've played Jisei and Kansei before.

I've played through everything and I must say that it is very good so far - suspenseful and thrilling as it is supposed to be.

Some thoughts on the game as I play through it:
-The music in the opening scene sounds ethereal and mystifying, which completely suits the atmosphere of the scene. You can tell that it is a very emotional moment in the past.
-The opening movie plays fine for me.
-Li Mei sleeps in the closet? Wow, that's something different.
-I like that the choices you selected before are now darker in text.
-The "other Kangai" makes me very curious, since (like NoJoker mentioned) there seems to be many big companies around that produces artificial organs, like Auten Engineering and Biodev Imaging. And the fact that they are a pretty important part of the story in a way.
-Shawn is such a happy bloke.
-Aaron is a bit creepy, since he takes heaps of pictures randomly like that. I was actually pretty surprised that he managed to stay that calm at the death scene however, since the body was very grotesque. I mean, it was in half basically.
-When you choose the option for Aaron to stop taking so many pictures, his response made me suspicious of him for some reason.
-Jupiter is a girl leader. I like. And she is pretty.
-When Chance suddenly appeared I was very surprised. I mean, I knew she was going to be in the game but I thought that she would come later in the story. When I saw her I thought "murderer". Makes me more suspicious since she isn't seen afterwards for the duration of the demo. Oh yeah, and why was she listening at the door? She must have had heard at least the majority of the conversation to be able to pop in like that and cover for Kangai.
-The last one:Begging for more!

Adding to the errors that already else has already written:
-When are confronted by Jupiter, David and Nathan. Jupiter says:
David. Nathan. Take him in.
Notice that Jupiter's name is written in the namebox, even though Kangai does not know her name at this point.
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:04 am

Beta version: Windows 0.1
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Version 6.1.7601
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M
Have played both Jisei and Kansei.

I get sound on the video, but no visual.
If you have so many save files as to need a scroll bar, it doesn't show up when loading from the main menu unless the pointer is right over it, it can make it a little hard to find.

"Their research project was shut down after it killed twenty (check facts) of their test subjects."
I'm guessing this is an editing note that got skipped? Either that or Marrissa can not only pronounce brackets, but is also either speaking a note to herself out loud, or trying to get Kangai to do her fact checking for her.
"Naoki was nice enough to add my meager collection clothes to the group laundry, but he hasn't gotten around to my shirts yet."
should be "my meager collection of clothes"
"My name is Shawn Tasse and I'm your student liason."
"The other has some sort of lit sword"
"light sword" or even "lit up sword"
"Hang on! I think you've got the wrong guy, here."
The comma after "here" should not be there.

Continuity Errors:
"Aki mirrors Shawn's posture"
Kangai only knows him as Enthusiastic Guy right now. Some varitation on "Aki mirrors the enthusicatic guy's posture" needs to be here instead.
After "I just hope Aki's nearby. I could really use a bail-out" Lab Woman is suddenly listed as Jupiter. Her name hasn't been mentioned yet (and later on she's listed again as Lab Woman), so she should still be labeled as Lab Woman here.

These may not necessarily be errors, they're just my opinions on the matter. Spoiler tagged for length and pedantry.

General thoughts:
--I love Kangai's snark. ♥
--I'd love to know why Li Mei sleeps in the closet.
--I didn't even notice the "War Stars" until the second mention, my brain auto-corrected the first instance to Star Wars.
--I didn't even notice the soccer ball on David's hoodie until they got into the lab. (Gah, slow on the uptake there.) Heh, real football.
--David and Nathan's interaction was fun to read. The 'consorting' exchange was fun, (and silly boys, there were too female samurai!). I hope we see some more fun back and forth between them later on in the game. (And as for their working in the library, I hope they can be professional, otherwise their students are in a lot of trouble).
--Chance showing up again, is she up to something I wonder? "Don't arrest poor Kangai!"? Kan and Chance met during the events of Jisei, but Aki gave him the name Kangai at the start of Kansei, so technically she shouldn't know to call him Kangai. Shouldn't you have caught that Kan? Or were you distracted by being accused of another crime you're not responsible for?
--And just what does it mean when Aki says Kan's with her?
--Naoki continues to be cute. I often want to cuddle him, other times I wish he had some self-confidence.
--Shawn, first playthrough, he was just a cheerful seeming guy (radioactive walls, hehe), second playthrough... wait- cheerful guy? He did it! ;p
--I do like Detective Gurski, he's an interesting mix of suspicious and helpful, and I love the little moments when he's irritated (usually by Aki). Plus I love the expression on his face when he first appears.
--If you manage to gain her trust, Jupiter looks like she could have some fun dialog to come.
--Aaron's photography habit comes off as irritating, but if you can get him to share his photos with you, he seems like he'll be pretty useful. Although he does seem kinda suspicious.
--Since the guy in the video isn't Kangai, I really want to know who it is and what's going on.
--And as always, learning anything of Kan's past always leaves me itching to find out more.

All in all, it looks great so far, and I can't wait to play the finished game!
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Jason Todd

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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:47 am

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Video card:Intel (R)Hd graphics
Demo version: Windows 0.1
I played Jisei and Kansei before.
This is my first time playing a beta game.

Here are my game play notes.
The opening video didn’t show the video but it did play the music just fine.
Sometimes when clicking to go to the next slide the game would skip ahead one extra slide.
Other than those small issues nothing really stands out as a major bug or issue. So far the game has been just as exciting as I though it would be. Its good to see the return of Chance I cant wait to see what chaos will follow her around, I also enjoyed seeing Gurski in uniform finally. None of the new character really stands out as a clear suspect but of the new character I like Jupiter the most it good to see so many strong female characters making Kansei's life uncomfortable. So far the game play elements are the same and that a good thing I love having to search for clues and making decision based on what I find I cant wait to see the finished project it will defiantly be the game of the year for me.
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Thu Jul 19, 2012 2:53 pm

I'm glad you guys like the art so far! Very Happy
Let me know if you find anything weird with the characters, i'll do my best to fix them (:

A spanish-speaker friend of mine tried the beta and his game froze with the video.
He is using Windows (didn't give me the version, probably 7?) and his graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce 7400.

His feedback (summarized and translated... I don't why he didn't post it here?)

Music: Music is nice in the beginning, but then it gets too soft. He suggest adding a more cathy music to help the player pay more attention to what's being said and motivate them more.

Sound: It's lacking sound effects. He suggests a sound every time you press the next button to read more text.

Character design: he liked the characters designs, since they seem to give each character a distinct personality. He suggests making the blink animation more recurrent.

GUI: He suggest that the text box should pop-out more so it's a focus point for the player. Also to have a rounder typography for easier reading. Also that the options on the box (Q. Save, Save, etc) should either be bigger for easier reading or be made into icons.

I should look into making that text box better... it's kind of bothering me lately ^^;

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PostSubject: feedback at the windows demo   Thu Jul 19, 2012 3:44 pm

(first i will say sorry for my bad english, i have't been in school so much)
i have tried the demo of yousei.
i have used demo of windows version 0.1. i have played the two other games before

i know this is not a good feedback but i don't know so much about write things like this and all that but i will try.
for the first i love how the art is on the charathers like in the other games :3 (>w< i even love li mei's cloth even more now and want to get a dress like that) and it's great all get new outfits.
it really are like the others and that really is great that it follow it like that, there is a really great story and funny scenes :3, i really like that we get a scene from the past so we just more want to know what happend to her and all that kind, the music really is good to each scene like the other games.
Whit new charathers that follows new things to learn and i love game there we need to learn about new things, and whit that scene there they take kangai is really funny XD but serious at same time.
i don't really know about all that 3d but hope that will change to 2d like the people because then it's much better, i really think that about the 3d and then whit the arrows then you move around then write to there it's going but if we haven't been there before then just write ??? so we don't get too lost even that it's like kansei but i think it really would be better to write things like that.
hmm what else can i come on, the whole game in the demo is really great and can't wait for the full demo/ full game, this type of games is one of my faves so then i had played jisei then i just had to play kansei and on one day i finised them both, it would also be cool if like in kansei make some extra things in it then you finised the game, i loved that and can't wait to see the cg >w<.

hmm but yeah i think that was that for me, all in it worked for me and i use windows 7 home edition, hope it will be released soon :33
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PostSubject: Yousei Beta Feedback   Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:58 pm

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Demo version: Windows 0.1
I have played the two previous games before.

Bugs and Crashes:
The movie does play, it only shows a blank screen and only the music plays. After a few seconds into the music it crashes (it might be my computer's problem since I have crashes around once a week on my computer). When it crashes the music is playing a little part of the lyrics over and over again something like this r-r-r-rrr >.>
It goes on and on until I close it. I tried it twice and it still kept doing the same thing until I selected 'Skip movie'

Typos and Grammar mistakes:
-We all wound up investigating the murder of William Auten, corporate CEO and generally unlikeable fellow.
-- I think there should be an 'a' or 'was a' between and & generally.
- I think I'll go without
-- There should be a period at the end.
-Naoki was nice enough to add my meager collection clothes to the group laundry, but he hasn't gotten around to my shirts yet.
-- I think 'of should be between meager and clothes.
- Aki mirrors Shawn's posture and smile effortlessly. He beams, pleased to have met a kindred spirit.
-- It should be 'smiles' instead of smile
- Kangai, right? My name is Shawn Tasse, and I'm your student liason!
-- I think its 'liaison' or 'Liason' (if its a name) instead of liason

Well I'm not really done since I am sorta busy at the moment right now. I will work on it more later.
-Why is Li Mei sleeping in a closet? o-o
-It's pretty nice that the characters blink :3
-I am pretty interested to find out the main character's backgrounds
-I am already guessing that suspect is either Chance or Shawn since they were alone before. I don't think Aaron since he didn't really have that much time alone and it had to be between the first chime and the second bell chime. I think there is another character in suspicion though.
-I can't wait for more! XD
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:19 pm

More feedback from my spanish speaking friends that for some reason are not posting here xD;

- When the map with the buildings show up, there should be a butting to leave the map screen and return to the previous screen.
- Music and art is good! Congrats! (Deji: yay! Very Happy)
- The detective looks younger than the football hoodie guy, so maybe make him older? (Deji: he already looks older than on the previous games "Orz I'm afraid of aging him more.)


- Good character design, easy to the eye and has nice colors (Deji;: yay!)
- The GUI is a bit too dark. The buttons on the left on the text box are not very legible, and it wasn't clear they were clickable at first sight.
- the Menu/Options/Save/Load screen all look the same and it's not very clear. Maybe make each "tab" look a bit different from the other?
- In general it looks like a good game, with lots of time and dedication spent in it. Best of luck! (Deji: <3 )
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:00 pm

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Demo version: Windows 0.1
I have played the two previous games before.
The movie didn't play right for me but I've no idea on my video card.

-Aki mirrors Shawn's posture etc.
When this comes up we don't know who Shawn is yet.

-Lab Woman is called Jupiter once before we learn her name.
When she says
David. Nathan. Take him in.
- In the investigation part when you click on the conical flask Kangai mistakenly calls it a beaker.

- The exposition of the last two games in Marissa's phone call is extremely awkward.
- The (check facts) part is awkward too. How would Kangai know she was checking facts at that time?
- It doesn't make sense for science students to be worried about radioactivity?
- Should the fountain reflect the buildings from that angle? They're pretty far away.
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:34 pm

OS: Mac OS X
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9400
Demo Version: Mac 0.1

Just adding here that the video worked fine, sound/animation. Any typos I've seen so far have already been spotted, but I'll still keep an eye out. ^^v
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:35 am

Tested it again in another computer. Characteristics are as follows:

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium
Video card: Intel GMA 4500M
Demo version: Windows 0.1

And yet again the opening didn't play. Black screen, only sound. D:

Also, just wondering - do you have any idea of when the beta testing for the full version is going to start? Sorry if I'm being too hasty, I'm just too excited for the full game. ^^"

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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Fri Jul 20, 2012 1:29 pm

I went through the demo about two or three times, but I'm not very good at pointing out typos and grammar, so I'll just point out anything that seemed off or lacked continuity if that's okay. I love it so far and can't wait to buy the full version.

Sorry my notes aren't in order, and a few of them have been noted already, but it doesn't hurt to have multiple reports of the same thing?

OS: Windows XP (32-bit)
Video card: Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family
Demo version: Windows 0.1
I've played Jisei and Kansei before.

Game Feedback:
  • Ren'Py gave me a warning about an out of date DirectX Driver, but I ignored it because when I clicked the Update driver button it gave me a command screen and I didn't really know what to do with it.
  • Video is out of sync with the music, but that might have to do with the driver issue.
  • When you chose not to wear glasses, the response is missing a period. "I think I'll go without"
  • Greying out choices from previous reads (or if you're me, when you scroll back just to see the other answer) is a nice touch!
  • Are there no notes until after they find the body or are they just not in the demo?
  • No problems with the exploration part. I was able to walk around the building, go to the campus map and back with no problems.
  • When Aki comments that Li Mei can't pass as a high schooler, does she mean a high school senior? Because she looks like she could pass as a freshman or a sophomore at least.
  • When you agree to the alibi Chance gives you, it isn't really clear that when you move to the lab, you leave her. It kind of just awkwardly feels like she disappeared. (EDIT: I lied. It happens in both choice scenarios.)

  • I like the attention to the books in the rooms. Like Kangai's sister has mysteries, or in the dorm room the shelves are full of science and math textbooks.
  • dfljskgdf War Stars. Kind of wish Nathan actually had a sprite of him brandishing his lightsaber.
  • I'm surprised Gurski/Kangai didn't catch that Chance shouldn't know Kangai's name.
  • DOES THE GUY IN THE SECURITY VIDEO HAVE A BAND-AID OVER HIS EYEBROW BECAUSE THIS IS RELEVANT IF THEY WANT TO IMPERSONATE KANGAI alternatively they just look similar if that wasn't on purpose (for the thief).
    • (Why does he wear that all the time anyway? Character design? A scar? A tendency to walk into doors when he hasn't had his coffee?)

  • My first reaction was that the imposter is Liam (it would make sense), but seeing how even Kangai mistook him for himself, I'm not sure how likely that is anymore.
  • Is Kangai's hair naturally dirty blonde? Because he mentions the ends of his hair being remnants of when he dyed it black last year, but in the flashbacks his hair is always black so it's kind of confusing.
  • I like Kangai's commentary on how Li Mei walks and just her mannerisms in general. I know he does it with everyone to some extent, but Li Mei in particular it's interesting because it shows just how different she is.
    • A friend of mine and I are convinced Li Mei is either a child assassin or part of the Chinese mafia.

  • Fortress of Fortressness. Nice. I was going to say inb4 all the evidence is there (like Kevin's Fortress of Solitude), but I'm guessing there will be a part where we go over some of Aaron's photos.
  • Are we ever going to meet this infamous Schulz?
  • I made a list of theories a couple weeks ago and I can already see a few of them getting debunked ahaha. That's half the fun though.

Last edited by Kurocha on Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:43 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Adding things to the list.)
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:56 pm

OS: Windows 7
Demo version: Windows .1
I've only played demos. (pfft I hate this fact)

What kind of bio experiment are they doing, that they have radioactive walls? I thought that was reserved for Chem |D
The twenty (check facts) thing-- is Marissa supposed to say it?
And-- why is the carpet on Li Mei's room thin while the others are thick?
If Li Mei couldn't pass as a high schooler... then what? It's not elaborated in the game so I'm rather confused. No one asked about her.
The Shawn intro issue?

Already wrote some that I've seen on LSF but I'll recheck.

The right-click save is neat!
The beginning is touching, to be honest.
LOL Miko
Kangai is even better with more sarcasm.
I can understand Jupiter's feelings when Chance broke in-- not that I hate Chance, but her way of speaking can grate nerves.

No conspiracy theories yet, though. The other characters don't seem to be acting suspicious, although it's possible (probably) that one of them did it. Still...
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:43 am

Demo version: Windows 0.1
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit
DirectX version: 10.0
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT
Played Jisei and Kansei before

  • Girl's head should have throbbed when Kangai joked about him thinking she was already crazy ('cause technically he was lying) and she should have at least known it was a joke... unless he did mean it Shocked - or she couldn't know because her Kansei doesn't work on other people who have Kansei as well, and Kangai probably hasn't realized he has his own Kansei yet since he hasn't experienced being in the presence of someone who was dying at that point.
  • There's this small glitch in the text animation: there's a delay in the displaying the next text (for the next character) in some conversations. I thought it was the "two slides in one click" glitch but it turns out, the text disappears for around a second before the next dialogue continues. When you see the blank text box, you'd have a tendency (reflex?) to click again, which results to going forward two "slides" instead of one. This mostly happens in Kangai's conversation with his sister at the beginning of the game. Almost all her dialogues have this glitch.
  • Video and Sound both play for the opening sequence.
  • *Spoiler Alert for those who haven't played Kansei's True Ending* So his full name is actually Alexander... why do they still keep calling him Kangai? And the label on his dialogues still says Kangai. Gurski called him "Alex" in the True Ending so it shouldn't be a surprise if Aki knows his real name already, right? Question
  • This was mentioned before, but I was really surprised when Chance called the protagonist "Kangai" since she's not supposed to know his name. Was she really that careless or is she plotting something... I dunno... tongue
  • I think the BG art is starting to look sloppy No ... I mean Deji's art keeps improving but the BG still looks too "flat". Sometimes, the BG doesn't seem to blend well with the character sprites anymore. It's important to keep the depth in the BG especially since there are scenes with huge places included now (like the school grounds).
  • Murder scene should be CG (you know which kind I'm referring to Wink ) instead of a normal BG art (not too gory though). It's kind of confusing to see how the body got mangled there even with the descriptions in the text, when the image we're seeing looks perfectly... normal? Surprised
  • I don't get stuck when in map view since I can click on the Biology Building, but I can't scroll back to previous events that happened before entering map view.
  • I also think that the map view looks too plain... It's just my opinion though...
  • I'm guessing Kangai's look-alike is the blonde boy in Kansei's opening sequence Idea ... with a blonde older guy who might be Mr. Johansen.

  • When Kangai and co. reach the bell tower and find the body:
    "At the far end of the room of the room lie the remains of a mangled corpse, crushed by the weight of the university's giant, copper bell." -- "of the room" is repeated twice.

OMG I just realized... Poor Naoki! He's got perfect memory dammit! He's gonna remember every detail of that gruesome scene - maybe forever! Mad

Last edited by asterisk0228 on Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:08 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   Sat Jul 21, 2012 6:00 am

OS: Windows XP (32-bit)
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
Demo version: Windows 0.1
Played Jisei and Kansei before.

Only gave the game one quick go so far, will definitely give it another, but right now I'm too excited and afraid that I'll forget what I wanted to say. Maybe I'll add more thoughts later. Anyway, here we go. Smile

English is not my first language, so I guess I'm not the best person for finding typos and wording problems ^^;
Aside from everything that's been pointed out, however, I think I noticed something else - when Aaron's showing the guys around, Kan points out that "some if it is a rehash of Shawn's tour". I'm pretty sure it should be "some of it", although I might be wrong. ^^;
Also, I'm not sure if this counts as a glitch, but the screen has a habit of flickering, sort of. When I minimize the game's window and then restore it, the game's screen goes black for a second before going back to normal. It also flickered like that when I had a web page loading in the background. It's not harmful nor annoying, but I just thought I'd point it out.

With that out of the way, I will now dump here my thoughts on the game itself:
That's all for now, will probably write more later Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)   

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Yousei Beta Feedback (Latest Update: 07/26/2012)
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